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  • Guys focus on one topic not all different topic. I feel that you should just stick to the animals

  • It is very informative and helpful website. Excellent

  • it is excellent and lovely

  • Íts a very informative website,loved the facts

  • Website provides good and reliable information on wildlife and other subjects including wars.

  • Website is worth visiting . Good effort by the team. Cheers !

  • It was an OK website.

  • It is a very good website. Quiet informative

  • Great Job!

  • noice one ppl

  • Shivansh it is me Adithya damn gooood

  • very informative. But the site should be advertised to many people as they can benefit a lot from this website. I wish people tell their friends about all these and they can also collect useful information

  • Got to read some uncommon facts .

  • Hope to see more of them when website is complete.

  • Very good knowledge is spread to the world by this website. Accurate information is provided here. Very nice site.

  • informative website !

  • Well done Shivansh.... proud of you.💫

  • It is a good effort by a group of young students,enthusiast about sharing informations on diverse subjects like Wildlife, War, Education . The website is under Making. I being a wildlifer have found the Wildlife section not only informative but also quite motivating to the young wildlife enthusiasts. I wish more and more relevant material shall be added in due course of time, to make the site more useful. I wish a great luck to the group of creators of the site.

Sunayan Sharma, IFS(Retd) & President Sariska Tiger Foundation

Ex-- Field Director Project Tiger Sariska

Ex -- Director National Park Bharatpur

  • it is an amazing website

  • Great Content!!

  • Nice website!! I liked the information given in your website. Keep up the good work!!

  • Should Improve a little more, Best of luck Kiddoes !!!!!!!!!!!!!