Wars are armed conflicts taking between two or more sides. They have been common since WW2 around the world and some are still going on. Wars can start from things like protest against the governments, terrorist attacks, disputed areas between countries, etc.

Types of War :-

  1. - Cold War

  2. - Colonial War

  3. - Insurgency

  4. - Independence War

  5. - Liberation War

  6. - Civil War

  7. - Fratricide

  8. -Border War

  9. - Faultline War

  10. - Invasion

  11. - Proxy war

  12. - Religious War

  13. - Range War

  14. - Undeclared War

  15. - Police Action

Cold War :-

Cold war was a period of time when there was a tension between the United States and the Soviet Union. Cold war is basically when 2 forces don't use force or artillery, but instead they use political and economic influence, propaganda.

Colonial War :-

It is a war due to an external territory/ force which takes over a independant or certain area not belonging to them. It was very common thing during the 19th and 20th century between the European nations and African and Asiatic nations.

Insurgency :-

It is a violent uprising against a authority such as the United Nations or a respective government. The people in the uprising are not considered as legal or lawful protesters

Independence War :-

It is a war over a particular territory which has declared independence but the previous conqueror sends in military in the independent territory or the people of the independent territory clash with the former occupier.

Liberation War :-

It is a war fought by a colonised territory with its respectively colonial power to gain independence from it.

Civil War :-

A civil war is when a terrorist or an administrative group have a armed conflict with the ruling force to gain control of the territory. It may also be referred to as a war between the people of the country or of a same body itself.

Fratricide :-

It is the process of killing someone in your organization due to political tensions. (not exactly war, but it's still a war)

Border Wars :-

It is a war over a disputed piece of land between 2 or more countries. These wars can lead to a change in maps and if not it can change only administration or only the ownership. Ex - Aksai Chin

Faultline War :-

It is a war between 2 religious or Non- Governmental organization.

Invasion :-

It is when an external force invades or enters a property not belonging to them using force.

Proxy Wars :-

It is a war between two states indirectly in an a different conflict by supporting each others rival in the conflict

Religious War :-

It is a conflict between 2 seperate religious groups in order to either dominate or due to sensitive posts on social media about each other,.

Range war :-

This is a violent conflict over a 'open range'(where cattle graze freely, on anyone's land ) for disputed water or land.

Undeclared war:-

It is when 2 or more nations unofficially declare war on a nation-state.It usually happens when both sides don't agree over for an conflict.

Police action :-

This is a war which starts off with a police action leading to massive protests and social unrest by angered civilians.