Project Tiger

The Project Tiger was launched in 1973 in the Jim Corbett National Park and Jim Corbett became the first Tiger Reserve in India. This project aims for the protection of critical tiger habitat in India. at present, there are 50 tiger reserves in India. Project Tiger has to lead to Tiger Survival in India and that's how the Bengal Tiger survived. The current population is about 3000 tigers in India. She started the project and for providing extra protection, and also made it as the national animal of India. The Asiatic lion was the National Animal of India till 1972. Indra Gandhi started this project as she was a great wildlife conservationist. If this project would not come into existence at that time Bengal Tigers would have probably gone extinct by 2000.

Tiger Reserves of India-

1)Corbett. Uttrakhand

2)Bandipur, Karnataka

3)Kanha Tiger Reserve ,Madhya Pradesh

4)Manas Tiger Reserve ,Assam

5)Melghat Tiger Reserve ,Maharashtra

6)Palamau Tiger Reserve ,Jharkhand

7)Ranthambore ,Rajasthan

8)Similipal ,Odisha

9) Sunderbans ,West Bengal

10) Periyar, Kerala

11) Sariska ,Rajasthan

12) Buxa ,West Bengal

13) Indravati ,Chhattisgarh

14) Namdapha ,Arunachal Pradesh

15) Dudhwa ,Uttar Pradesh

16)Kalakad-Mundanthurai ,Tamil Nadu

17) Valmiki ,Bihar

18) Pench ,Madhya Pradesh

19) Tadoba-Andhari ,Maharashtra

20) Bandhavgarh ,Madhya Pradesh

21) Panna ,Madhya Pradesh

22) Dampa ,Mizoram

23)Bhadra, Karnataka

24)Pench ,Maharashtra

25)Pakke or Pakhui, Arunachal Pradesh

26)Nameri ,Assam

27)Satpura ,Madhya Pradesh

28)Anamalai, Tamil Nadu

29)Udanti-Sitanadi ,Chhattisgarh

30)Satkosia , Odisha- Though it's a tiger reserve legally, tigers are extinct here. A relocation plan was initiated but with the death of the first tiger which was brought from Kanha, the translocation plan is currently suspended. Tigers Extirpated.

31)Kaziranga ,Assam

32)Achanakmar ,Chhattisgarh

33)Dandeli-Anshi Tiger Reserve(Kali) ,Karnataka

34)Sanjay-Dubri ,Madhya Pradesh

35)Mudumalai ,Tamil Nadu

36)Nagarahole ,Karnataka

37)Parambikulam ,Kerala

38)Sahyadri Maharashtra

39)Biligiri Ranganatha Temple, Karnataka(B.R. Hills)

40)Kawal ,Telangana

41)Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve,Tamil Nadu

42)Mukundra Hills Tiger Reserve, Rajasthan-

43)Navegaon-Nagzira Tiger Reserve ,Maharashtra

44)Nagarjunsagar Srisailam Tiger Reserve ,Andhra Pradesh

45)Amrabad Tiger Reserve,Telangana

46)Pilibhit Tiger Reserve, Uttar Pradesh

47)Bor Tiger Reserve,Maharashtra

48)Rajaji, Tiger Reserve Uttrakhand

49)Orang Tiger Reserve ,Assam

50)Kamlang Tiger Reserve ,Arunachal Pradesh

PROPOSED SITES- M.M Hills, Karnataka

1920- 40000 tigers; 1972-1827 tigers ; 1985-4000 tigers; 1990- 3507 tigers; 1995-1333 tigers; 2006-1411 tigers; 2010-1706 tigers; 2014-2226 tigers; 2018-2967 tigers

There was a decline in the Tiger population after the sad death of Mrs. Indira Gandhi in 1984. In 2006, tigers had come close to extinction. Then fresh efforts of conservation were brought to counter the decreasing population and there is a rise in the population again. Now the tiger population is Increasing again and hopefully, it always has an increase and the graph will never go down.